Tips for Tent Camping in the Cold Weather

January 25, 2016 in Tent Camping


Here in Florida, we do the majority of our tent camping in spring and fall when the temperatures aren’t too hot or cold.  Even in the spring, it is not uncommon to experience temperatures in the high eighties-nineties.  When we left our dear state for our spring/summer travels we had no idea our neighboring states would have drastically cooler weather…. we were clueless.

After a few nights of thirty-two degree weather, we gave in and purchased space heaters.  By the end of spring we had become cool weather tent camping pros!

(*Note:  We were NOT primitive camping.)

Cold Weather Camping

Will you be tent camping in cold weather this fall?  Take a look at our cold weather tent camping tips below:

Rubber Mats:  I cannot say enough about these things!  We would have been so lost on our trip without these rubber playroom mats.  We were able to cover an entire room in the tent with them.  During the cold weather, they helped insulate the tent.  The single room with these mats on the floor was significantly warmer than the rest of the tent!   These are a MUST HAVE when camping as a family.

Space Heater: We used a Oscillating Dish Heater.  What I loved about our heater was the fact that it wasn’t pointing at the same spot/ direction all the time.  This eased my worry that the heater would burn the tent.

*In temperatures below forty-degrees we used one heater per occupied room.

Flat Flannel Sheets:  Our tent had a mesh roof with a rainfly on top.  We purchased sheets from a second-hand store to place between the mesh and the rainfly.  We also draped another sheet inside the tent (with the help of clothespins)  in extreme temperatures.  (Extreme to this Floridian is anything below forty/fifty-degrees)

Thermal Undergarments & Socks:  Without the proper clothing – you will freeze!  Once the weather started to warm up we would accidentally go to sleep without changing into our thermals… even with all of the above measures taken, there was no getting the cold out of bones without the proper undergarments and socks.

Using the steps above, we were able to be happy campers again!  I hope our cold weather tips will help keep you a happy camper too!

What is the coldest weather you have camped in?

Were you in a tent?